An Escape Treehouse

Treehouse Escape

Why buy a regular old house when you can fulfill your childhood dream of living in a treehouse? Foster Huntington’s point exactly. Abandoning big city life in New York, he moved to Columbia River Gorge in Washington State where he and a tight circle of friends constructed, by hand, his own sky-high oasis on his family’s property.

Complete with nighttime views of Portland, Oregon, Foster Huntington’s multi-platform treehouse is nestled atop Cinder Cone (named so because it’s the top of an old volcano) and consists of 2 cabins in the sky, the 35-foot high Octagon and the Studio, connected by two bridges. If you’re not seething with jealousy yet, I shouldn’t mention that there’s a giant skate bowl just below the structures right near his wood-fired tub – marinate in that for a minute. And, oh, did I mention he’s only 27? How does he do it?!

The nomadic lifestyle began at about 23 for Huntington when he answered the call of the wild after realizing that working as a men’s wear designer for Ralph Lauren wasn’t his true passion. He took advantage of an unexpected windfall – a generous advance from HarperCollins to write a book inspired by his thought-provoking blog, The Burning House. With this, Huntington ditched his idea of squirreling away money and bought an ’87 Volkswagen Vanagon, traveled up and down the east coast, and finally settled atop Cinder Cone.

Now making a living as a freelance photographer and starring in online ads for German financial services company Allianz and HP, this man of opportunity is living the new, male-centric American Dream.

Check out some of the best pics from Foster Huntington’s Instagram.