8 New Nerf Guns & Blasters That Dad – And Kids – Will Want This Summer

New NERF Guns For Summer

Nothing kicks off the summer quite like a good old-fashioned NERF war.

Hasbro has unveiled their newest Nerf blasters and guns for summer 2018 and the arsenal is awesome. Nerf has all the essentials for office fun, BBQs or beach days. These blasters are the perfect addition to any summer outing.

Here are our favorite new Nerf guns for summer 2018.

New NERF Guns 2018

New NERF Guns 2018

[1] Nerf Super Soaker Soakzooka  – Don’t forget this one for your next beach day as you can drench your friends with 55 fluid ounces of water.

[2] Nerf Nitro Aerofury Ramp Rage  –Blast into overdrive with Nerf Nitro sets! Send Nitro cars rocketing into stunt challenges all summer long with the included long jump-ramp.

[3] Nerf N-Strike Elite Surgefire  – This new Nerf gun features a rotating drum with 15 darts, and has both slam-fire and pump action blasting.

[4] Nerf Mega Tri-Break  – Perfect for office battles for dad and his work pals, this features a break-open barrel that holds up to three MEGA Whistler darts. Oh, right, it’s perfect for kids too.

[5] Nerf Modulus Mediator – The Modulus is all about customization with over 1,000 different combinations. Attach the Stock or Barrel Attachment for an epic upgrade.

[6] Nerf Zombie Strike RevReaper – With no trigger, just one pump of the handle will fire a dart at the oncoming zombies.

[7] Nerf Rival Helios XCIII-700 – Join the Phantom Corps team with this 7-round magazine that sends high-impact rounds flying at 100 feet per second.

[8] Nerf Microshots Series – Perfect addition to any beach bag, these new Nerf guns capture the iconic look of the original Nerf blasters but in a micro version.

No matter which new Nerf guns or blasters you choose, Nerf has dad and kids covered for a summer of never-ending fun.