Chill Baby Pacifier

Dad’s turn to babysit? Help him out with this CHILL, BABY pacifier, so that everyone gets some peace and quiet around the house.

The pacifier is made of silicone rubber and its both PVC and BPA free, so rest assured all safety standards have been followed. It comes in a quaint design, sure to bring a smile to the baby, and to Dad of course. It’s a great relief to aching gums and comes with a volume knob going up to 11.

Baby Volume Pacifier

It makes the ideal baby shower gift for dads. Sure, your babies voice can go all the way to 11, but it doesn’t have to. You can turn it down using the Chill Baby Volume Knob Pacifier and take control. Great for new dads who love to rock, and, at the same time, also need some peace

Buy it at Fred & Friends.