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Tyrone Biggums Art

Things have changed since you left your dorm room behind. Putting stuff up on your walls doesn’t have to reflect how cool you are or how much you really love Marley. No, in more mature times what you put up on your wall should reflect something a bit more internal and reflective of your inner soul, your true nature. That’s at least what I thought when I discovered UrbanDaddy Perk’s new sale on Technodrome1 art prints, with prices slashed by 56%.

Technodrome1 Art

With much to choose from, I’m stuck on which side of my dark, dark soul to put up on my walls: the sexy side (“Rihanna’s Azz””), my hedonistic side (Chappelle’s character Tyrone Biggums in “Crack!!!”), my greedy, self-destructive side (none other than “Scarface”), or my inner demon of pure chaotic destruction (“Joker II”). At these prices, though, I can probably put them all up at the same damn time. And there’s plenty more available, should you require some less evil ones.

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