‘Tell Me A Tattoo Story’ Book

Tell Me A Tattoo Story Book

After noticing my latest tattoo, the first question from my mom’s mouth was “how are you going to explain these tattoos to your kids?” That will be easy. “Kids, your grandmother hates tattoos and I needed a way to really piss her off.”

And if they don’t believe the truth, I’ll explain the real meaning behind the ink.

That’s the idea behind Tell Me A Tattoo Story, the latest book from best-selling author Alison McGhee.

A bestselling author-illustrator duo join forces to create a modern father-son love story. The father tells his little son the story behind each of his tattoos, and together they go on a beautiful journey through family history. There’s a tattoo from a favorite book his mother used to read him, one from something his father used to tell him, and one from the longest trip he ever took. And there is a little heart with numbers inside—which might be the best tattoo of them all.

Honestly, teaching my kids about my tattoos will be easy, but a book like this isn’t a bad idea at all. I can also teach them how to avoid getting a tattoo they’ll eventually hate, which a much more important lesson than why daddy has Calvin and Hobbes on his ass cheeks.

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